Welcome to alt. bride

Welcome to alt. bride– a blog site of trending style & inspiration for the alternative bride (at altitude). Based out of Littleton, CO, alt. bride was created to connect brides to appropriate wedding vendors based on their style and preferences. Brides who are looking for extra creativity, unorthodox style and alternative traditions in their wedding will have the opportunity to connect with wedding vendors in their area that meets their needs. These brides who have utilized an alt. bride preferred vendor are encouraged to tell the alt. bride community about their experience and make recommendations.

A little bit about this blog

For some strange reason I have always been fascinated with the wedding industry…so much so that I’ve been a frequent attendee at bridal shows for the past ten years. I’ve seen so many cookie-cutter bridal shows and pastel wedding themes that I could puke. I’ve been so tired of the same old traditional ideas and cringe-worthy “rules”. I’m looking for cool, alternative and unique wedding concepts and local wedding vendors that step it up better than the rest. I hope to inspire brides with garden-fresh, off-the-wall ideas and connect them with awesome vendors that can truly help to make their dream wedding happen.

Some disclosure on ads

You will notice some paid advertisements and endorsements on my blog, as well as affiliate links. I try to keep these at a minimum so the blog site runs efficiently and my readers do not feel bogged down in ads and popups. Any money I receive back from advertisers and affiliates allows me to keep up the maintenance on this blog each month and put a delicious snack on the table for my family! I will always strive to create meaningful relationships with my readers and vendors while I display honest feedback and quality endorsements about businesses and their products. I will always disclose if an advertisement or endorsement was paid for. If you do not see a disclosure, that means I paid for the product or service myself, or received it for free, and am simply providing my own opinion about it. All photo credits appear at the bottom of each blog post and contain links to where the product or idea came from.

Thanks for checking out my new project. Happy reading!


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