The Geode Wedding Theme is Rocking in 2017

Top:  Purple Geode Wedding Cake by Rachael Tuefel, Intricate Icings Cake Design, Denver, CO; Photo credit: Ali N Garret.  Bottom left: Gilt Agate Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations by Kaydi Bishop, found on Minted.  Bottom center:  Gilt Agate Wedding Website by Kaydi Bishop, found on Minted.  Bottom right: Agate Slice Geode Place Cards by  LovelyfestGoods, Newport Beach, CA, found on Etsy.

Now I don’t know much about geodes other than that they appear to be regular rocks on the outside, and if you crack them open, inside is a beautiful prism of colored crystals.  I remember looking for them and finding some in the desert in Arizona where I grew up.  There’s a bunch of science and thousands of years in time and a lot of water and volcanic flow that has to occur to give these rocks (are they rocks?) the capability of turning the minerals inside into these crystals.  They are super cool and mesmerizing to stare at.

I noticed the geode-looking invitations and website theme on Minted and started browsing Pinterest for more ideas.  Found this gorgeous geode wedding cake created by Rachael Tuefel of Intricate Icings Cake Design in Denver.  I would assume that it’s all edible.  I would hate to cut into it’s beauty but I imagine it’s something special, probably the most outrageous cake you could ever bite into.  I am now cake and candy obsessed.

TIP:  Can’t splurge on an amazing cake like this?  Serve cupcakes garnished with Pop Rocks Candy, or opt to host a candy bar in lieu of the cake.  Colorado River Rock Candy and  Colorado Crystal Rock Candy are made here in the Rockies and would make a sweeeet  candy bar.  Also, crystal candy swizzle sticks make a really adorable champagne flute presentation and double as treats guaranteed to make the kids happy!

From left to right: 1) Colorado River Rock Candy found on 2) Pop Rocks Candy 3) Crystal Rock Candy found on  4) Crystal Rock Candy Lollipops from Oriental Trading Co.

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